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Lifesaving equipment installed at Thornton Little Theatre

Published: Wednesday, 13 January 2016

David baxter windmill players and john allman friends of thornton little theatre

Thornton Little Theatre has had a defibrillator installed thanks to a number of donations led by voluntary groups who work closely with the theatre.

Windmill Players, Friends of Thornton Little Theatre, Claremont Cards and Wyre Council have teamed together to contribute enough money to buy and install this essential piece of lifesaving equipment.

Amateur dramatic society Windmill Players present three productions at Thornton Little Theatre every year and each time they make a contribution from their profits to a charity selected by the play’s director. David Twizzel, director of the most recent play Outside Edge, believed that contributing towards the cost of a defibrillator would be a valuable use of funds. David made the suggestion to John Allman, Chair of the theatre’s friends group who was also keen to contribute, as were local business Claremont Cards and owners of the theatre, Wyre Council.

The defibrillator was handed over by John Allman of the friends group and David Baxter of Windmill Players who comments “We are pleased to be working with other groups and the council in a way that benefits the community and users of the theatre. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, use of a defibrillator before the emergency services arrive can greatly increase their chances of survival. We know this first hand after a member of the theatre’s staff’s father recently had a heart attack and was saved because of a defibrillator being used at the time. Thankfully he is now making a speedy recovery. Clearly we hope we don’t have to use the equipment, but it’s good to know that in an emergency we are prepared.”

Staff at the theatre have now received training and the defibrillator is ready to use.

In the UK, 100,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest every year, with a 95 per cent mortality rate due to lack of response time, making it the UK’s biggest killer. Having this equipment installed at the theatre means that staff can respond quickly should a visitor encounter difficulties.