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Andrew Dee Brings Spirit Connections to Thornton Little Theatre

Published: Thursday, 01 May 2014

Andrew Dee

Do you believe in the afterlife? Are you yet to be convinced? Are you looking for guidance about your life?

Why not come to see spirit medium Andrew Dee as he attempts to connect with the spirit world when he visits Thornton Little Theatre on 10 May.

Dee’s appearance at Thornton Little Theatre as part of his ‘Black or White Tour’ following his 'Spiritual Awakenings Tour’ last year has marked him out as one of this country’s finest mediums. Here to guide you through some of life’s mysteries with help from your loved ones in the spirit world, his no-nonsense, back-to-basics style of mediumship will be on display for your delight as he aims to lift the lid on any questions you may have about this life and the hereafter as well as the joy that awaits us all.

A well-travelled former military officer who served his country for 23 years, Andrew is taking his psychic gift on the road with a show that promises astounding accuracy as he helps the audience to connect with family and friends bringing messages of love and upliftment.

Cynics may be surprised to hear that only seven years ago, Andrew was an RAF Communications Officer stationed in Basra. However a chance encounter changed his life forever, something which he now strives to do for other people.

Andrew comments, “Whilst in Iraq I happened upon a half buried Dutch clog. It’s not by coincidence that my grandfather was Dutch and my father had a restaurant named Clogs. At the time of my find I felt completely enveloped by my grandfather’s presence and to this day I believe he was there to reassure me. On my return home I used my experience as motivation to develop my mediumistic talents and pursue my dream.

“Over the last seven years my life has completely changed direction. I believe the clue to moving forward and achieving your dreams is the belief that dreams are meant to come true and that you have got to have an unshakeable belief in yourself. The universe always delivers but only if you firmly set your sights and do not waiver”

Andrew still has strong links with the military and those who saw Andrew at the Little Theatre last May will remember his first link to the spirit world that night was with a lady’s father who had been a Sergeant Major in the Army.

Andrew comments ‘I often have a chat to the audience before I start working but when I was in my dressing room I noticed a cane with a silver top. It very much resembled a cane that a Drill Sergeant might have. As soon as I picked it up, this gentleman told me that he had one of those for the parade ground and that he would be my first spirit link. He was - his daughter was right there in the audience that night.”

Andrew now spends much of his time helping other people who either want to connect to their loved ones or find some guidance about changing their own lives. His passion is his demonstration work. Why not come along, join in and be part of that voyage of discovery.

Andrew Dee is appearing at Thornton Little Theatre on Saturday May 10 at 7.30pm. There’s a special half price offer on tickets, just £12 for two. To claim your half price tickets call the box office on 01253 887693 and quote’ Black or White Offer’.